A group exhibition of ceramics by



“A Fling With Spring”

SOAPBOX Connect was founded in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 when artists, and specifically ceramic artists, suddenly found themselves isolated, overwhelmed and without a platform to sell their art due to the lockdown. Historically speaking, a soapbox hails from a time when an orator would stand on a crate or box, often made from wood, in order to be seen and heard when delivering a speech.

‘SOAPBOX Connect’ acts as the bridge between the ‘soapbox’ artists and the art lover. The goal of these artists is to offer repeated enthusiasm for ceramics, in order to establish opportunities to create and exhibit. They select different topical themes for their exhibitions, themes that will push the boundaries of the artists skill and encourage him to explore and present his own enterpretation freely.

This group exhibition consists of 100+ ceramic works from artists across South Africa who were tasked with creating pieces inspired by a new season, Spring.

Spring is a transitional time of the year when the cold and dark dwindles. It signifies rebirth and regeneration; the promise of hope, and new beginnings. .

This colourful and happy exhibition promises to inspire, energise and uplift the weariness of the pandemic stricken winter soul.

“A Fling With Spring” can be viewed at the Tina Skukan Gallery from
Saturday 28 August 2021 at 10h00 and will conclude on

Wednesday 22 September 2021.