An exhibition of oil on canvas work by

Willem Pretorius

In this exhibition of observational realism, the artist Willem Pretorius finds inspiration in the smells and sights of the small towns of South Africa and his depiction of them on canvas is that of a local and not a mere tourist or casual passer-by. The artist loves the way nature reclaims these man-made structures. Through documenting these landscapes as he sees them, he forces the onlooker to stand still where he stopped and look through his eyes and maybe see in a new light, the beauty in decay.
His theme is mainly concerned with the “platteland” and its changing landscapes. It can be seen as a type of visual diary where he documents a specific time and place in our history and in doing so, remembering.
It also reminds us of our own transience and mortality.
Everything is temporary.

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 26 August 2018 at 11h30 by
Dana Snyman
Writer, journalist and wanderer
and can be viewed until Wednesday 19 September 2018

Abandoned Pool Springfontein
Oil on canvas 116cm x 80cm

Top Image:
Abandoned Pool, Parys 3
Oil on canvas,
84cm x 60cm