Annelise Bowker Art Studio

presented by Annelise Bowker

Artist and lecturer

BA (Fine Arts) Hons, HED

28 Years of tertiary education and lecturing experience

082 979 4103

Drawing – Graphite, pastels, colored pencils and charcoal Observation, perspective and structure studies (Studio and outdoor studies)

Composition and picture plane dynamics

Printmaking – Linoleum (reduction and monochrome) monoprints, etching techniques, basic collographs

Painting – oil, watercolor and acrylic

Studio and outdoor studies

Creativity workshops


Portfolio preparation for prospective students who wish to study further in art

Development of visual literacy through existing displays on the premises. (Group discussion and assessment)

Development of conceptual, creative and technical skills

Mixed media


Three hour classes:

1 x per week, 9h30 – 12h30, Tuesdays to Fridays


For working people:

Two Saturday mornings a month depending on demand.

09h00 – 12h30