‘My yoke is easy’ – Oil on mounted canvas 50 x 106cm

With his 2019 exhibition, “Cave Letters”,  Philip Badenhorst departs from Biblical anecdotes and chooses to concentrate on visually and aesthetically satisfying Biblical scripts, eg. The Dead Sea Scrolls, and other letters from antiquity discovered in archaeological history.
The emotive content is, however, still inadvertently transmitted to the viewer.
Although he now uses two and three dimensional elements together, the main emphasis is still on Badenhorst’s painterly style, layers of paint, spontaneous mark making and expressive brush strokes, all combined in expressionistic, abstract imagery.
Three dimensional artefacts are used symbolically alluding to the old rolls and scripts in their original and actual appearance.

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 17 February 2019 and can be viewed until Wednesday 20 March 2019