An exhibition of oil paintings on canvas and board


Jenny Reyneke

A collection of landscapes



Saturday 17 October until Wednesday 11 November 2020.

Jenny Reyneke’s world this year of 2020 isolation, has been her beloved fields of Magaliesburg. She has gone to them with questions, not only about life but also with the questions of her purpose as an artist through troubled times. The trees and woods surrounding her home have been her confidantes and mentors. The golden fields of her home, constant reminders of an abundance to be found for those who seek the positive in a given situation, encouraging her to press on, to never give up and to continuously strive towards faith in her future. She has learned to trust in her ability to see the beauty in both shadow and light through deep introspective observation of her world around her. How colours change beneath a burdened sky holds intense fascination for the artist. Whenever she feels the weight of troubles… she thinks about and remembers the fields as they come to life in a storm and imagines then what she wants that particular trouble of her own to reveal of her and her choices.
The Emergence Collection of works is a personal tribute to that hope and that faith. The artist will take you on a journey through her personal storms, her sacred forests and into her fields of gold. The artist’s message is simply this… ‘I love it here… in my blue-shadowed wood. Each day draws me deeper into serenity. I am not alone. I walk with golden visions of dreams and collect feathers and odd sprigs of grass or leaves. The bounty of the fields… treasure fields of ever-present moments. I find them. Perhaps it is… that they find me. Perhaps it is that they have caused me to pause and be still. Some days I can dwell on a single thought, all day… finding the form of it in the curve of a branch or the sweep of the wind like an invisible hand on the golden grass of this winter. I watch the wind move… past the ribbon of dirt road… beyond… yonder to the hill, past the gates. I watch the sacred skies fill with promise. I know not the path ahead except that it leads me toward even as it leads me away. And that is alright. My garden is full and abundant. I have chosen to emerge into the light.’

The artist will present a WALKABOUT on Saturday 24 October at 10h30