Craig Muller Opening Address by Kobus Rossouw

I am not objective about Craig’s art as I am a huge fan of his work, like all of us here. This speech is merely an attempt to please practical expectations and conventions, it will in no way add to or enhance Craig’s art, the art stands on its own. I am extremely suspicious of exhibition opening speeches for two reasons. I am not adequately versed in artsy bollocks… which is fancy speak for: I just don’t understand 90% of speeches, art, or...

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Exhibition by Craig Muller

Playground Electric by Craig Muller 6th May 2018

An exhibition of mixed media work entitled Playground Electric by Craig Muller In this body of work, Craig Muller tries to add an additional element to an everyday reality, presenting unusual visual and conceptual riddles. Stemming from a recent attempt to re-create our visual footprint and re-wire our perception thereof, through hypothetical mechanical means and artistic interpretation. The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 6th of May 2018 at 11h30 by Kobus Rossouw Artist and master printmaker and can be viewed until the 30th of...

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