Balancing the Acts

A mixed media exhibition comprising of various techniques, styles, methods, skills and forms of visual art by seven accomplished artists. ‘Balancing the Acts’ by Angela Banks, Anna-Carien Goosen, Ann Karstel, Ingrid van Wyk, Jose Vermeij, Marina Aucamp, Renske Biddulph This exhibition will display how seven women reflect on what their everyday lives entail. How their actions and activities between different situations require a delicate balance, and how they attempt to cope with often conflicting situations at the same time while trying to keep everything under control....

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Three Ceramic Palettes

An exhibition of ceramic work by Margot Rudolph – Eunice Botes – Christine Williams entitled “Three Ceramic Palettes” The African landscape has inspired artists for centuries and has always delivered vibrant and exciting pieces of artwork. This exhibition brings three award winning ceramic artists together, who use clay as their canvas to express their interpretation of the emotions and colours and vibrancy of the African landscape   The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 1 July 2018 at 11h30 by Kanya Middleton MD of Stone Culture, talent management and a video blogger The exhibition...

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4 by André Cronjé – André Naudé – Ariana van Heerden – Ingrid (Muffin) Stevens 3 June 2018 – 27 June 2018

An exhibition of mixed media work entitled 4 by André Cronjé – André Naudé – Ariana van Heerden – Ingrid (Muffin) Stevens   4 friends. Camaraderie. It is long-standing friendship that ties these four Pretoria artists together. At times in the past some of them have exhibited together and have also spent many years as colleagues in the academe. They are all mature artists (above the age of 60) and well-seasoned at their craft. As individual artists their approach is unique and recognisable as such, yet collectively their...

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Craig Muller Opening Address by Kobus Rossouw

I am not objective about Craig’s art as I am a huge fan of his work, like all of us here. This speech is merely an attempt to please practical expectations and conventions, it will in no way add to or enhance Craig’s art, the art stands on its own. I am extremely suspicious of exhibition opening speeches for two reasons. I am not adequately versed in artsy bollocks… which is fancy speak for: I just don’t understand 90% of speeches, art, or...

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Exhibition by Craig Muller

Playground Electric by Craig Muller 6th May 2018

An exhibition of mixed media work entitled Playground Electric by Craig Muller In this body of work, Craig Muller tries to add an additional element to an everyday reality, presenting unusual visual and conceptual riddles. Stemming from a recent attempt to re-create our visual footprint and re-wire our perception thereof, through hypothetical mechanical means and artistic interpretation. The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 6th of May 2018 at 11h30 by Kobus Rossouw Artist and master printmaker and can be viewed until the 30th of...

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