An exhibition by the
Pretoria Weavers Guild
Functional Weaving
Although weaving is a traditional craft which was mainly used for utilitarian purposes in the home, modern weavers are harnessing their looms to create interesting fabrics, fascinating designs and unique articles. Weavers use traditional patterns, modern fibers and innovative techniques. To celebrate 70 years of the existence of the Pretoria Weavers Guild, we have joined forces with the Johannesburg Weavers and Spinner’s Guild to bring you a collection of hand-woven articles, hand-spun yarns and hand-made tools that can be worn, displayed or used in your own daily life.
The exhibition will be opened on Saturday 23 April 2022 at 11h00 by
Dr Danie Langner
Managing Director – Heritage Foundation
The exhibition can be viewed until 19 May 2022