An exhibition of mixed media work


Mariki van Graan and Erika Pienaar


‘Odyssey of light’

This memorial event reflects the last few years of the recently deceased artist, Mariki van Graan’s journey.

It documents her focus on light: how it is displayed in nature, in the various places she visited and her inward hope of eternal life to come. Layer upon layer of coloured pencil and blocked out areas give a vivid picture, inviting the viewer along to take a second look. ‘Odyssey of light’ is an expression of the legacy of Mariki van Graan.

Her good friend and fellow artist, Erika Pienaar, shares Mariki’s love of nature. Influenced by nature’s seeming unchangeability in a world of rapid change, she still holds a deep regard for botanical and organic shapes. Since childhood, she used to look into the heart of flowers with magnifying glass, fascinated by the seeds of future life, throwing light on the eternal. Her watercolours draw our awareness to the fascinating world of nature that we are blessed with every day.

Sunday 18 November 2018 at 11h30  –  Saturday 15 December 2018