An exhibition of mixed media work by

Diek Grobler, Michèle Nigrini

Andries Bezuidenhout, Helena Groenewald, Retha Buitendach

Five established artists, each living in their own corner of the universe, have put together this body of work, which reveals the inspiration in their artistic worlds.

Diek Grobler presents a thematically diverse collection of work from narrative paintings in oil to more lyrical work in gouache, which show traces of the animation films he is currently working on.

Michèle Nigrini portrays an anatomy of village life. With colour splashes and chance markings she highlights the extraordinary in the ordinary, revealing the essence of the world which surrounds her in Rosendal, and suggesting a new way of interpreting the everyday.

Retha Buitendach offers a glimpse of exceptional new Art-Insects. Organic ‘Goggas’ that return to life, re-formed from sticks, pods and leaves to transcend biomimicry. She also creates Cyber-hybrids which are mutated and spliced from recycled computer parts and scrapyard finds.

Helena Groenewald is known for her unconventional application of the scraperboard technique. She lives in Gorredijk, Friesland and her universe is her small garden which she allows to flourish as an eco-system, encouraging weeds and insects to make their home there.

Andries Bezuidenhout is making sense of his new corner of the universe in the Eastern Cape. He is most struck by light in his new world – how light falls onto a landscape through clouds, how differently the light there reflects indoors.

23 September 2018 – 17 October 2018