An exhibition of paintings
Marvelling the Brush
Braam Coetsee – Johan van Coller – Lou Ann Young – Martjie Carter – Ruth Walter

This exhibition of paintings, ranging from Acrylic, Oil to Watercolour, have all been created by artists using a variety of brushes.
With this collection of work, the emphasis is shifted from the medium of the work, to the tool or implement used to create the art that will be on display.

Paintbrushes were used by man as early as the Palaeolithic era in around 2.5 million years ago in order to apply pigment to cave paintings.
With this exhibition, we celebrate and marvel the wonder of these tussles that were used then, and still today, to apply paint to canvas and paper.

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 17 July 2022 at 11h30 – 14h00
and can be viewed until 11 August 2022