An exhibition consisting of brightly coloured paintings, juxtaposed with monochrome copperplate etchings, painted ceramics, wooden sculptures and glass artefacts by

Elsie Weich


Ocean Aquatics

The exhibition can be viewed from Saturday 20 February 2021 at 10h00
until Wednesday 17 March 2021.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
Jacques Cousteau

“Ocean Aquatics” is a playful expressionistic art exhibition of ocean aquatic scenes and objects. It illustrates the colourful adaptation of ocean life in its ever-changing environment – its beauty, fluid motion and metaphorical mysteries.

In Western Culture, ocean aquatics and its dynamics have been an enduring theme in the arts. Throughout literature, fine art, music, and architecture the representation of life in water relished many artists. The freedom to explore its age-old symbolism and elements of mystery produced masterful artworks.

“With my collection of oil and mixed media paintings, I have braided the elemental feel of liquid motion and aquatic form to create a sense of the colourful adaptation of the mystical creatures of the deep.