The Tina Skukan Gallery is hosting a group exhibition by

Alet Swarts, Esté MacLeod, Grietjie Lee, Lize Beekman,

Marinda du Toit, Michèle Nigrini and Nina Torr



“Proof is in the Pattern” is a group exhibition that explores the concept of patterns as a way of revealing truths, expressing emotions, and creating connections. The term “pattern” refers to the visual arrangement of shapes, forms, or lines in repetition.

Patterns are all around us, from the natural world to human-made designs, and they can be used to convey a sense of order, repetition, and predictability.

In this exhibition, artists use patterns to explore various themes, such as the cycles of life, the beauty of nature, the intricacies of the human mind, or the patterns of social behavior. Through their artwork, they demonstrate how patterns can reveal hidden meanings, connect seemingly disparate elements, and create a sense of unity and coherence.

The theme of “Proof is in the Pattern” invites viewers to look beyond the surface level of the artwork and to seek out the underlying patterns and connections that reveal deeper truths about ourselves and how we see the world around us. The exhibition encourages us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of patterns and to recognize their power to inspire, transform, and connect us to one another.

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 30 July 2023 at 11h30 – 14h00


Dr. Diek Grobler


‘PROOF IS IN THE PATTERN’ will conclude on 24 August 2023