An exhibition consisting of various printing techniques, pen and ink and oil paintings by

Annemie Odendaal

In the current climate of today’s world, we can find ourselves so easily trapped in a bad situation,
whether it is a failed relationship, career or environmental anxiety.

We are being kept hostage in our lives, and more importantly in our minds as well.

Only once we make that decision to break free, we will feel that heavy weight you have been carrying slowly lifting,

and we can spread our wings and distance ourselves from the ties that bind us.

As a single woman in a chaotic world, it can be very challenging and frightening to step into this new world after being freed.

We therefore have to go out boldly and celebrate our new found freedom:

– make a mark, use the opportunity, reinvent yourself! –

This exhibition is a compilation of works I did after my Ransom was paid and I was set free.

“Sometimes I feel that I can never be enough; other times that I am way too much.

The truth is,
I am more than I ever imagined I could be.”

The exhibition can be viewed from Saturday 15 August 2020

until Wednesday 9 September 2020.
Annemie will present a Walkabout on Saturday 15 August, 22 and 29 August from 10h00.

Click below to view the work on display