An exhibition of oil paintings by

Jenny Reyneke
Remnants of Remembered Storms

Jenny Reyneke is an artist, living off the grid in the Kalahari since November 2020. A solitary and excluded life. One where she is cut off from social and world events.Her Gannaput garden has become her world. The prickly pears and cacti, her confidantes.
“My art is simply a way to find peace and be present in the moments given to me. My work is representative of my surrounding landscapes and my inner struggle to discover my own place within. It is an emotional response and sense making.
Having cut myself off, not only from the world, but also from the web, my inspiration and relevance has been an entirely personal exploration.
The heat of the Northern Cape has changed the way I paint. Oils dry so quickly and I have a 30-minute window in which to blend colours. Hence, I have relied on transparent washes built up over time to arrive at the desired effect. I call this ‘diluted oils technique’. Paint supplies are not easily accessible out here in the sticks, so impasto work is not prevalent in my current collection. I have attempted to capture the transience of desert light where ‘sunspots’ glint within my fields of vision as I work.
I take many reference photos but rely on my memories of the experience rather than the detail.
My artistic approach is an emotional response.” – Jenny Reyneke

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 22 May 2022 at 11h30 by
Jenny Reyneke
This exhibition will conclude on 16 June 2022