An exhibition of mixed media work ranging from paintings, ceramic work, to sculptures by
Angela Banks, Bronwyn Schalkwyk, Haydee Breganski

Melanie Fatti, Michele Nigrini, Ruth Walter

Sanna Swart and Steffie Joubert

celebrating the

(Change of season)

Equinox descends from aequus, the Latin word for “equal,” and nox, the Latin word for “night”—a fitting history for a word that describes the day of the year when the sun crosses the equator on September 22

when the daytime and night-time are equal in length.
The fact that day and night is equal on the day of the equinox represents our own need for balance at this time. “It is a time of renewal, new beginnings of life and growth blooming gloriously and ushering in a renewed sense of energy brought in to help us focus and move forward in new, fresh, positive ways.” – Kuna
The spring equinox is the best time of year to focus on new projects, getting rid of things that no longer serve us, and finding the right balance in our lives. It is a season associated with change, cleansing, and new beginnings. It invites us to go outside, connect with nature, plant new life, and celebrate light instead of darkness.

Carpe diem!

The exhibition can be viewed from Saturday 12 September 2020

until Wednesday 14 October 2020.
There will be a Walkabout presented on Saturday 19 September from 10h30.