An exhibition of mixed media work, ranging from painting, printing, ceramics, photography and sculptural work by
Philip Badenhorst, Alain Nortjé, Nellien Brewer, Minitza van der Walt, Lein Smuts, Loeritha Saayman, Liekie Fouché,

Werner Nieuwoudt, Carin Labuschagne, Ann Karstell and John Tapuch.
‘Through the lens of the artist’

“By being creative, we really do fall in love with the world and in that act we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary”
Dewitt Jones – Top photographer, National Geographic

Each artist observes with a very personal lens.
He looks and sees through his own personal history and filters, the myriad of themes, tropes, characters and plots, and the endless possibilities the world has to offer.
There will be different personal stories, more than one view or perspective, many right answers, and as individuals they will each react differently.
What the artist brings to the table is storytelling by means of his own voice, experience and lens.

By celebrating all these possibilities, the artist finds the perspective that would turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The exhibition can be viewed from Saturday 18 July 2020 until 12 August 2020