‘Visible and Invisible Connections’


Salomi Prinsloo

Pretoria based artist, Salomi’s “apple tree” has turned not into colourful geometric shapes, but into a “cloud”.  Her realistic and impressionistic aloes and floral studies are now transformed into softer shapes as they lose their sure forms due to looser lines and brushstrokes which gradually gained ground, until only the “cloud centre” remains; resembling just the essence and fragrances of the floral world visually. Her intention of presenting flowers and natural objects realistically, disappeared in a haze of colour only to awaken soft ice cream landscapes in the viewers’ minds. The “floral-clouds” now have a welcoming playful presence which do not resemble her earlier natural objects anymore, but in their own right, the floral mistiness demand respect with their “lipstick-abstraction-style”.

Salomi’s works have been characterized by the richness of colourful textures, shapes and multiple layers of her background onto which objects were often placed without a middle ground, validating the existence of the background. In her later works, the artistic play of backgrounds become artworks themselves.  She prefers to react spontaneously to each consecutive application allowing the artwork a voice of its own. She focuses on capturing the essence of fleeting moments and experiences, expressing emotional, spiritual qualities and values through an intuitive use of her chosen art medium.

22 September 2019 – 16 October 2019