An exhibition of wood and glass work by
Carel van der Merwe, At Smit, Andrew Bourke, Roy Gibbs, Jurie van den Heever, Geert Ybema
Tineke Meijer


Wood and Glass

This exhibition will showcase the art of various woodworking techniques, ranging from woodturning, wood burning to carving.
“To use the wood from a fallen tree to create something beautiful and/or useful helps to preserve this wonderful gift from nature and at the same time provide pleasure long after the tree has died” ~ At Smit
Tineke Meijer’s unique and exceptional glass creations consist of shattered glass, copper wire & shavings, beads, wire mesh, woven copper wire, oxides and aluminium.

“Wood and Glass” can be viewed at the Tina Skukan Gallery from

Saturday 25 September 2021 at 10h00 and will conclude on

Wednesday 20 October 2021.